Small team of technically strong individuals ...

that can deal with complex tasks


Each team member has minimum 12 years of experience in development


Ready to work as a team or on individual basis

Full Stack

From database to frontend.
We handle any area

About us

Chumaky team consists of experienced software engineers with extensive skills set. Some team members possess actual cloud certifications such as AWS Solutions Architect and GCP Data Engineer.

Diverse professional experience of each team member made a solid foundation for successful full-stack project implementations.

This is how Chumaky team works. We combine our enterprise experience with small team benefits in terms of management, agility, etc.

Work with us

We are opened for any type of collaboration as a team or on individual basis. It could be short or long-term projects, part-time or fulltime.

Just text us on whatsapp / viber or drop an and that's it. We are small team. All things are done quickly ;)

You can find detailed resume on each team member below.

Amazon AWS


Database development

We have extensive (more than 10 years) experience in Oracle database development for both OLTP and DWH types of projects. Hands-on experience in hybrid database migrations from on-prem Oracle databases to Postgres hosted in AWS cloud.

SQLite, MySQL, Redis, any other database solutions including NoSQL and cloud based ones. We speak any database "language".

Microservices development

Experience with common building blocks for web services development such as

  • NodeJS/Express
  • Flask/Python
  • Nginx
  • Java/Apache

Example project is comprehensive web crawler with built-in analytics and search engine based on ElasticSearch.

Frontend development

For frontend development we prefer to use latest Angular. Its rich features set such as SSR makes it best fit for complex UI projects.

DevOps services

All our projects by default are deployed in containerized format. Application is shiped in Docker containers and deployed to online platforms such as Amazon AWS.

We also love Git, CI/CD and many other IT related things. Please check out our blog for more info.